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meet our skippers

At our weekly meetings, our skippers will announce boat trips for you to sign up for.

All you need to bring to the boat trip is food to share, the beverage of your choice and a smile!

And don't forget shoes with non-marking soles to keep the smile on your skipper's face, too!

Note: SSYC and its skippers do not allow any firearms or illegal drugs on any boat during any boating activity, which on vessels does include marijuana.


Skippers are eligible for free membership when they have completed the following: Six trips made available to the membership and a total of 25 crew members taken on trips. Skippers pay the annual membership fee of $175, which is refunded when this threshold is met. (Already a skipper? Skipper login)

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Mike and Kris S.

Surt - 41’ C & C S/V

Mike and Kris Sinclair are the un-official royalty of SSYC. Both SSYC Annual Members,  they met and married and became Associate Members. Highly respected, Mike and Kris spend countless hours training sailors and racers. If you are looking to learn how to race or sail, sailing with these two will pretty much guarantee you a great day on the water. Both are very ‘even keeled’ and a joy to be with, on and off the water.

Bunny A.

Starlight - CAL 27 S/V

Born in NY and raised in Israel, Bunny loves boating and got her first boat later in life. Bunny has learned to run her boat by trial and error and is inspirational to our members. If you want to be inspired and eat well, Bunny is the skipper for you.

Dan K.

Toad Stool - 34’ Bill Garden Schooner S/V 

Dan is one of the club's favorite skippers. With decades of sailing under his belt and a calm “MacGyver” demeanor, you can’t help but learn sailing skills from Dan. Dan is an avid volunteer and assists in countless racing events for multiple yacht clubs. He also has one of the cutest pups in the whole PNW.

Steve G.

Alpha Baby-CAL27T2 S/V 

A member for almost two decades, Skipper Steve has had Alpha Baby since 2006 and has a low stress, low pomp and circumstance approach to sailing. It's all about fun on Alpha Baby. Steve also has a US Coast Guard 25 ton Masters License and has been SSYC’s Fleet Captain and Treasurer. With hundreds of club members taken out and more trips than Steve cares to count, Steve is one of our most experienced sailors.

Lee S.

Christina Lee - 34' Main Ship Trawler - M/V

Lee is one of our most experienced skippers. He has held several boating certifications, including Merchant Marine credentials. He has owned and skippered everything from an 11’ Pram to a 51’ Blue Water. Lee is great with safety as well as instruction. Definitely the skipper to boat with if you want a very competent, well rounded, and comfortable trip.

Brett S.

Holiday - M/V

You can’t go wrong boating with skipper Brett. Brett is an avid fisherman but recently traded in his C-Dory for a big Ocean Alexander so he could enjoy longer more comfortable cruising.

Brett is a thoughtful boater and as capable as they come, you will always feel safe and well taken care of on Brett’s boat.

Roger D.

Hannah L - Bayliner 4550 M/V

Roger is one of the kindest skippers in our club. He is our resident SSYC boat broker and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to anything boating and where to find someone to do just about anything on your boat. Whether it is hosting 20 people for Xmas ships or being the committee boat skipper, Roger is always calm, cool and collected with a big smile for everyone.

Ron V.

Ron's No Name - Glasstron 24 M/V

Ron V. is an amazing fisherman and has owned a dozen boats from wood to fiberglass. He is super knowledgeable about both fishing and all things boating (mechanics, handling the boat, etc.). Having been a member of the club for over two decades, Ron is very respected within SSYC for his experience, kindness, and generosity, as he will share all (well, maybe not all) of his boating tips and tricks with you. Ron is a wealth of information and shares it freely so if you want to learn from a wonderful skipper, Ron is the skipper for you.

Tom McP.

Maestrale - 32’ Ericson S/V

Having worked as a commercial fisherman in Alaska, California and the Puget Sound, Tom has a very wide range of boating experience. He has owned five sail boats and is currently suffering from bigger-boat-itis, but he assures everyone it's not contagious. Tom is very knowledgeable when it comes to sailing and boating in general. He has taught some of our other long term members a thing a two. Tom lives aboard and does his own mechanical work, etc. He is amazing at keeping his boating expenses low, not an easy feat for a boat owner. If you are looking for tips on how to boat for less, Tom is the skipper for you.

Brad L.

In Deep - 35’ Bavaria S/V

Avid scuba diving led Brad to sailing, which has stuck for over 25 years. He started with a 27ft O’Day sloop with tiller steering and has fond memories of a solo sail from Seattle through the San Juans and Gulf Islands (Canada), just a small example of Brad’s vast experience. Brad has chartered sail boats in Europe and Asia and particularly loves the historical sites. A light hearted and experienced sailor, with a beautiful 35’ sloop, Brad is a great skipper to sail with.

Phil S.

Nepenthe - 37’ North Pacific M/V

Phil joined SSYC almost two decades ago with a 32’ Catalina. An avid sailor, he cut his teeth on a Hobie Cat. Phil has served SSYC as a volunteer on and off the board. He is known as SSYC’s floating gourmet and sommelier. Phil met Nancy in the club and they have been married for many years. Their current boat Nepenthe is a beautiful boat and very luxurious. If you want to boat in style and have a hankering for the finer things, Phil is the skipper for you.

Kari I.

Quack! Quack! - 30’ Hunter S/V

Kari  joined the club because she loves being on the water. After sailing with various SSYC Skippers, she decided to buy her first boat.

Kari single hands her boat and moors it on the Duwamish River. During the summer months you will often find Kari sailing or hosting one of her famous house parties. If you are thinking about becoming a sailor or considering your first boat, Kari would be a great skipper for you.

Janet G.

Mystique - 37' Sun Odyssey S/V

Janet is one of our amazing female skippers. She has been sailing for over forty years, is on her fifth sailboat, and has sailed to Alaska, the Broughtons, Princess Louisa Inlet, Gulf Islands, etc. etc. Even in the foul weather you will find her sailing with her First Mate, Jeff, all over the Puget Sound and beyond. Janet and Jeff are also famous for their amazing gourmet appetizers and meals. Definitively one of SSYC’s dynamic duos. You want a patient, experienced, female perspective on sailing and the ins and outs of it, Janet is the skipper for you.

Joe G.

Whisper - S/V

Joe has been a skipper member of SSYC since 2004 and is a very experienced sailor with 45 years at the helm. Joe has skippered boats on many “out of country” trips to the BVIs, Croatia, French Polynesia and St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

If you are looking to learn how to handle a sailboat, Joe is the skipper for you. He lives on his 2000 Catalina 320 sailboat on Lake Union and can be found sailing often, with his First Mate Natalie.

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